Import Export Customs Clearance Agencies

1. 디와이디해운항공(주)의 통관업무 주선 서비스

DYD Shipping arrange customs broker specialized in customs formalities, and offer import/export customs clearance and custom refund arrangements, FTA consulting and another trade related total solutions.

2. 디와이디해운항공(주) 통관업무 주선 서비스의 특징

The biggest advantage of our company's customs clearance work arranging is a shipper contact service.
If your response about some companies' customs relatied service is passive, our personnel and customs brokerage coordinator by sharing information, provide optimized customs related one-stop service.
Also, the latest news from the customs administration by providing a periodic change in the customs administration will present the best alternative.

3. 디와이디해운항공(주)의 관세사 주선 SYSTEM

수출입통관 주선 관련 업무 담당자