Import Export Customs Clearance Agencies

1. 수입통관의 의의

An import refers to the carried in foreign goods into Korea (Those which have gone through the bonded area refers to the carried in items from the bonded area) or those consumed or used in Korea including ones used or consumed within the means of transportation in Korea. According to Article 239 of the Customs Law, the goods which pertain to the consumption or the use that do not meet the criteria for import are exceptions.

2. 수입통관흐름

3. 수입신고의 시기

  1. Declaration before departure
    The ships (aircraffts) containing the goods depart for the port of coaling, goods which must be imported in ships, imported goods by ship from japan, China, taiwan and Hong Kong, have to be declarated before the port entry to Korea by customs controller.
  2. Declaration before the port entry
    Before the port entry to Korea the ships (aircraffts) depart the port entry and make the declaration at the port entry at the destination.
  3. Declaration before arriving at the bonded area
    Should be done bofer arrival of the goods to be carried into the bonded area.
  4. Declaration after being stored in the bonded area
    Should be done after the goods have been stored in the bonded area.