1.LCL 화물 (소량화물)

LCL 화물
LCL 화물 (소량화물)
  • * Prociding export and import to match customer desired schedule.
  • * Providing reasonable rates for our customer's satisfaction.
  • * We work with confidenth, based on quick and safe transportation.
  • * We are providing service with specific systems that fit cargo characteristics to satisfy out customer needs.
  • * Among companies in the same line of business with the different level of services and operating systems we will improve our customers dignity.

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2.FCL화물 (컨테이너 화물)

FCL 화물
FCL 화물 (컨테이너 화물)
We provide service to all areas of the earth through world wide lines, with rational freight charges.
Customer cargo's specifications and quantity to determine the comparative analysis of small amounts cargo container operation, with DYD's know-how We can help to reduce container quantity and proceed with container order.
  • * Even if you are new and unfamiliar with trading business, as reliable business partner, we offer friendly work service.
  • * Through comparative analysis to suggest best situation, We will help to work and reduce cost to our customer.
  • * By confirmed for many years know-how work, we notice in advance about cargo risk analysis, and provide succesfull business.
  • * With not-limited service offer of specific lines, we increase choices lines, what has a perfect freigth rate for organization.

3.SPECIAL화물 (특수 컨테이너 화물)

SPECIAL 화물 ( 특수 컨테이너 화물)
  • * Using relationships with leading company, we provide basic competitive rates for special cargo.
  • * According to the special cargo characteristics, during special container loading works such as packing or shoring We ensure safety 100%.
  • * We can proceed business in the most safely way, by prossessing before the shipment cargo insurance policy to check preparedness just in case of any accidents.
  • * To analysis customer's cargo specifications, by know-how of scale employee structure with long experience in warehouse, we provide logistics cost reduction, through optimization of container quantity.

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