Import Export Customs Clearance Agencies

1. 수출통관의 의의

The export meaning is to send domestic goods to foreign countries as to say that you want to export as goods exported by the Foreign Trade Act and related laws and whether the items are available to be checked first. Those who want to export must declare exports to the customs collector in the jurisdiction and get the approval for the goods before they get loaded.

2. 수출통관흐름

3. 수출통관흐름

4. 수출신고

An export declaration must be filled out on the declaration form format specified by the KCS and according to the guideline for completing the export declaration form.
As for the processing methods for the declaration form of the goods which have been already declared as exports, there are three methods including the automatic acceptance, the acceptance after the screening and acceptance after the inspection.

  1. Writing and accepting of the export declaration form
    Goods which are not subject to the documents submission or inspection are automatically accepted by the Export Customs, accepted automatically by the computerized system.
  2. Acceptance after the screening
    Among the goods which are not subject to automatic acceptance, the goods which can skip the inspection and it is the method where the customs employee screens the details of the declaration and accepts the declaration.
  3. Acceptance after the inspection
    It is a rule to omit the inspection of the export goods but when the actual product must be confirmed for exports or those which were selected as the criminal goods and deemed to require the inspection by the customs collector,
    acceptance after the inspection is the method where export goods are inspected before accepting the export declaration.

5. 수출통관흐름

Strategic goods are products that, for security reasons or due to international agreements, are considered to be of such military importance that their export is either prohibited altogether or subject to specific conditions. Such goods are generally suitable to be used for military purposes or for the production of weapons of mass destruction.

The term strategic goods refers to both military goods and dual-use goods. Dual-use goods and the technology they embody, are intended primarily for civilian purposes but may also have a military application (so-called conventional dual-use goods) or an application in the development and production of WMD or missiles capable of bringing these weapons to their targets.