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Format requirements are judged by a certificate of origin and country of origin.

- Contracting and FTA preferential tariff concession Check items.
- Items listed by the formal requirements of the Certificate of Origin


Free Trade Agreement (FTA) takes down the trade walls and the duty for the product/service trades between the countries who have signed the agreement, providing the exclusive trade benefits to each other.

3. Developments for FTA

9 January 2014 the current agreement with the FTA enters into force in 47 countries, and the conclusion of the FTA with Colombia in 2014, but is expected to fermentation.

4. FTA procedure

5. FTA post application

Trading partner requirements of the basic requirements of the FTA, direct transport of principle, item requirements to report one imported meet, such as at the time the certificate of origin may not report income after import clearance to run rates available to the certificate of origin original (copies within one year of repair work If the agreement is also submitted that), and to apply the tariff agreement can apply to this agreement and applicable taxes, customs duties may be reimbursed for the difference between the agreement rate and the execution rate.